Welcome to the Open Your Mind website

Open Your Mind aims to help people in need.

For more than 20 years, we have strived to walk the streets and help those most in need.

You surely do not know us because we have been working in the shadows for many years now to restore social injustices with our limited means.

Knowledge is power !

It is for this purpose that we will try to share with you our vision of the world and the things that surround it.

An esoteric path that will allow you to glimpse the unsuspected possibilities of our vast universe.

Ready for the trip ?

Let's go !

Open Your Mind what is it?

Open Your Mind is a project that emerged in the 2000s to respond to a desire for help and mutual aid between human beings of various origins and social classes.

A human project launched by Marmotte Thor in order to bring together people who practice esoteric care or offer services that are out of the ordinary.

The aim of this association is to allow people requiring extra-sensory services to be in contact with providers of this type of service.

Concretely, Open Your Mind is a medium that allows you to offer or receive services that are not common or little known.

People offering this type of service have been practicing for many years and are competent in each type of service offered. This is the guarantee offered by the structure of Open Your Mind and we follow the progress of each request very closely in order to provide quality service at reasonable costs.

What is esotericism ?

We may all have a different take on what esotericism really is. For some it will simply be seen as something potentially possible and for others it will have a whole new dimension.

The 2 aspects of esotericism are not wrong on the contrary, we simply have different experiences and visions depending on our experiences and feelings. Sometimes you have to let the animal spirit come out in order to better understand this vast world that is the world of esotericism. Our primary instinct guides us every day in our different life choices.

From a theoretical point of view, esotericism is the whole study of the secrets and the various mysteries that this raises. We discover dowsing, healing secrets, magnetism, mantic, animal connection and many other areas.

My background in all of this ?

My background is very atypical, I have never had an increased thirst for knowledge but a need to understand the world around me.

From an early age, the different facets of esotericism came naturally to me without having any outside influence. Learning and understanding this unknown world did not happen without little effort or without suffering. Know that the world of esotericism and unfortunately very often close to what affects death, disease, suffering, everything that pushes our interior to defend itself. Having visions of dead people or knowing a pre-established order of death can sometimes lead to significant discomfort, especially at a young age. In my case it started in my 6th year with recurring dreams showing the order of death of my family members. This unfortunately happened as indicated by these unintentional predictions

This "gift", then experienced as a curse, evolved around the age of 15. An encounter changed my view of esotericism. A new question was born: What can I do with it ?

The why gradually gave way to the how !

A vast apprenticeship then began for me. My first beginnings with a pendulum in order to understand dowsing, will follow my magnetic first aid and my first writings in automatic writing. A new avenue opened up, that of being able to relieve pain or answer certain questions for people in need of these types of skills.

After 15 years of hard training and exercise, the time had come to take it to the next level. The world of esotericism was gradually starting to make itself known using different media (internet, tv, radio ...) but that did not really correspond to my way of proceeding. I have always found magnetism techniques much too long and inefficient. I have no doubts about their effectiveness, but question the way of providing care.

In 2015, I decided to travel around Europe to meet other magnetizers and people with certain gifts to develop my esoteric skills. My visions became very clear, like a movie unfolding in front of me, having the ability to stop it and see the smallest details like a time on a watch or an address on a billboard.

His talents had already been used in the past by an organization well known internationally and regularly using profilers to find missing persons. The research carried out with this organization was fruitful, we were able to find a person in less than 3 days thanks to the use of flash and person-to-person connection. This may sound crazy because it is not common to talk about it yet different governments have been using astral dreams and other techniques for many generations.

We are now past the 2020s and we are facing a crisis like humanity has not seen in a long time.

Is the time for action now ?

Effectively !

It's time to understand that our world is about more than what we see !

Question radio waves, wifi or anything imperceptible to our eye that nevertheless exists but was only a dream once by our elders. Magnetism is very real and it has become powerful through the use of a universal source. I would go ahead by saying that this same source helps to maintain a balance in our universe but at the present time, given the scientific misunderstandings concerning universal equilibrium or the creation of white holes, the use of wormholes as well that the incoherent displacements of certain stars, without counting the exorbitant mass of certain black holes, which would be at present hundreds or thousands in our galaxy whereas we thought to have only one there is less than 20 years, it might be conceivable for an unknown force to keep things going.

Have you ever heard of astral travel ?

A very complex subject which raises so many questions. Practicing astral travel and much more since a young age, I can not tell you other than that this technique can be as positive as negative depending on the desired goal. I have seen people lose themselves in these practices or fall into an endless thirst in order to prove their truthfulness.

If I tell you that a connection between 2 brains is possible using this technique, will you believe me, especially if I admit to you that in the 2000s it made it possible to take possession of a body and use it ? briefly as a hypnotist would with a patient. This test, carried out under witness, allowed us to see that it was possible to move an object through someone we do not know and without touching him, for a period of at least 10 seconds before releasing hold over the person. This test completely changed my view of life and the energy that surrounds it, the real was beyond science fiction !

Message from the Founder :

To close this brief introduction to the world of esotericism I would say that the why is not used to understand the usefulness of "gifts" but the how is much more interesting.

You will soon find various explanations and introductions to new magnetism techniques as well as a presentation of the various research carried out to date.

This research includes more than 30 years of reflection as well as 20 years of applications and will be developed in the form of tutorials and explanatory pages according to the themes raised.

You will find on this website a presentation of our members as well as their proposed services.

I wish you a good visit to the Open Your Mind website

Marmotte Thor